Composite and Wood Roofing

Composite and Wood Roofing services include

Composite and Wood Roofing
At Calvin and Son Roofing we understand that homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to choosing roofing materials. Also, we know that some materials are better than others. However, it is necessary to consider all the options. If you have not considered composite or wood roofing, we want to let you know some of its benefits.
Roof replacement is quite expensive. Thus, it is not something you want to do more often. Therefore, you need to choose the right material with an excellent reputation for durability. This means it should withstand the test of time. Composite or wood roofing is longer-lasting and stronger as compared to several other counterparts.
Wind Resistance
Most of us are familiar with and know about the unpredictable Oklahoma winds. Wooden roofs can withstand strong winds of up to 110 mph, which can help in the event of any natural disaster. Thus, these types of roof materials can provide more peace of mind.
Fire Resistance
Wood roofing or composite roofing can be treated to make it fire resistant. This makes the materials excellent for a wide range of building projects. Although not all roofs may achieve the highest degree possible of fire resistance, it is quite plausible with the composite or wood roofing system.
Impact Resistance
There are many reasons to have a roof with high impact resistance. For instance, the damage that could have occurred as a result of hail is less likely to occur on a composite or wood roof. Many manufacturers are providing high impact resistance roofing materials.
Fade Resistance
Fading is a serious problem that affects a lot of roofing materials. Exposure to direct sunlight is known to make the roof look unkempt and old. Fortunately, with wood roofing, there is nothing to fear about the sun’s harmful effect. You can have a long-lasting, fade-free, beautiful finish.

Composite or wood roofs are eco-friendly and can be recycled, which helps reduce waste. If you want to discuss how wood roofing could work for you, get in touch with us. We are here to help our Tahlequah area customers.

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